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Kraft Family Blood Donor Center

When you donate blood or platelets at the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center, or give blood on its traveling extension, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham and Women's Hospital Blood Mobile, you are making a lifesaving difference for patients at Dana-Farber and at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

About Blood Donation

People undergoing treatment for cancer — as well as trauma victims, organ transplant recipients, premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, and other patients in need — depend on transfusions to control their bleeding. Volunteer donors are the only source of blood products for these patients.

When whole blood is donated, it is later separated into components, including red blood cells and plasma. A single blood donation can help as many as three patients. Blood donations benefiting Dana-Farber and Brigham and Women's patients are collected in two locations:

  • At the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center, located on the first floor of the Jimmy Fund Building at 35 Binney Street, Boston
  • At blood drives hosting the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Blood Mobile, which travels to community organizations, businesses, and schools throughout greater Boston
About Platelet Donation
Robert Kraft and Dr. Ken Anderson

Dana-Farber Trustee Robert Kraft and Dana-Farber's Kraft Family Professor of Medicine Kenneth Anderson, MD

Platelets are the blood component serving as the body's "bandages." They allow blood to clot, helping wounds to heal.

Cancer patients and many other patients can be at serious risk because their blood does not clot properly. They need transfusions of healthy platelets to control their bleeding. Volunteer donors are the only source of platelets for these patients.

Being able to count on volunteer platelet donors at all times is especially important because platelets have a shelf life of just five days. Volunteer donors ensure that there will always be a sufficient supply of platelets for patients in need.

For More Information

For answers to frequently asked questions about blood and platelet donation, please visit the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center website.

If you have specific questions about the donation process or our eligibility to donate, or if you would like to host the Blood Mobile for a drive in your community, please contact:

888-LETS-GIV (538-7448) or 617-632-3206
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