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Roger Clemens was patient favorite at the Jimmy Fund Clinic

Roger Clemens

The former Red Sox pitcher was a patient favorite at the Jimmy Fund Clinic during his years with the Sox. Often after batting practice, "the Rocket" would slip into his sweatsuit and jog a mile from Fenway to the clinic to visit with the youngsters.

During one visit, a little girl told him she didn't believe he was really Roger Clemens so the ace pitcher went back to Fenway, put on a uniform, and returned. From that day on, he made sure to wear his uniform when he stopped by to visit the kids.

"I don't feel like anyone special," said Clemens at the time. "We try to bring a little excitement into their lives, and if a baseball does that, or an autograph, or a wristband, or just showing up with a uniform on, then I'm really happy to do that."

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